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Karmatic Consulting



Karmatic is a local company, helping local clients find local talent.


We are not the biggest dog on the block, but we have a proven track record and many extremely satisfied clients. 


We are dedicated to helping you solve your staffing needs. We make sure you end up with the right person, period.


Karmatic is based out of Victoria BC. It was founded in 2014, yet draws from years of experience of software excellence in the community. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience of software excellence in the Greater Victoria area. We have years of experience in the region related to great talent, professional networks, resource filtering processes and technical skills.

Karmatic provides professional services for all software related fields in the Greater Victoria area. We have worked with all types of clients from fortune 500s to small start-ups.  We have placed talent all over North America as well as overseas.  With our global connections, local expertise and our proven talent finding processes we know that we can connect you and your organization with the right people.

We are committed to connecting you the best talent resources.  That is our promise.

Our Services

Our strategy differs from other ‘head hunting firms’ or ‘contract shops’, as we have a very rigid and structured procedure to identify great talent and match it to our client needs. We do not simply forward piles of stale resumes to fill a position, but instead we perform a targeted campaign to ensure that we find the best, most current talent for the job.  
If your organization needs help filling a software related position (full-time, part-time or contract), Karmatic has the experience and local network to find the best resource possible in an simple, cost-effective and timely manner.